Using the Dr. Shipping Calculator app you can now easily show a cart summary section that displays the subtotal, a shipping calculator, and total line which updates when customers switch shipping rates.

  • Calculate Shipping On Cart
  • IP Geolocation To Pre-populate Calculator
  • Free Shipping Tier Compatible
  • Location-aware Free Shipping Bar
  • All Text And Styling Customizable
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Integrated Cart Shipping Calculator

Dr. Shipping Calculator provides a customizable calculator on the Cart page, so customers can see their costs before checkout!

The shipping rates are integrated into a professional cart summary section, which also displays the subtotal, and final estimated total. All of the labels as well as their styling are customizable using a friendly interface that does not require any coding skills. HTML is supported if you choose to use it.

Expandable Cart Shipping Calculator

You can use the app's expandable shipping calculator ANYWHERE on your site! Product pages, home page, and more, however keep in mind that it always calculates the shipping for the entire Cart, not a single product. The calculator can be initially expanded or collapsed and is controlled by a customizable link which informs your customers that they have the option to calculate shipping rates early if they choose to. It's so easy and reliable to use.

To help with customization, we let you specify labels, messages, and styles for the expandable calculator separately from the settings for the cart summary.

BONUS: Shipping Bar!

If your store offers free shipping, our app can promote it using an optional customizable shipping bar. The bar can float on top of the window or remain static on top of the page.

For instance, if the order subtotal is $35, and the detected Shopify shipping zone has a free shipping tier set up at $50, then the message could read “You are $15.00 away from FREE SHIPPING!”. When the customer reaches the $50 minimum, the message changes to “You got FREE SHIPPING!”. Both messages as well as their styling are separately customizable.

IP Geolocation

IP Geolocation allows us to detect your customer's location including the city and zip code, and pre-populate the shipping calculator and rates using this information.

This feature is optional and can be disabled if needed. Your customers can always re-enter a different city and/or zip, and our app will use their selection to calculate shipping rates and determine free shipping availability.

Breezy Installation

Whether you choose to use the self-installation wizard, or copy/paste our single-line code snippet into your Cart page template, or you prefer to have us help you with a free professional installation, you will be up and running with Dr. Shipping Calculator in no time!

Development Stores

We are developer-friendly! If you install our app on your development store, you can use the app free of charge.

We will not charge you until the store is transferred to a client. At that time you will need to re-subscribe at the regular rate.

Currency/Money Formatting

Our calculator, shipping bar, and the cart summary use the currency and money format that you have already specified in your Shopify settings.


We use the recommended approach to retrieve freshly calculated rates for every cart. We do not display estimated rates which may cause confusion when your customers reach the checkout.

App Integrations!

Dr. Shipping Calculator is integrated with a variety of apps. While the list is much longer, here are some highlights.

Dr. Discount On Cart - Adds discount functionality to the cart summary.

Variant Option Product Options - custom product variant, color swatch, infinite options, upload

Zepto Product Personalizer - Unlimited Product Options With Live Preview

Currency Converter Bear - Automated currency switcher. Currency conversion w/ checkout.

Multi Currency Converter Hero - Premium auto currency converter & currency switcher

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